Voting Every Day

We live in an age of abundance. Abundance of services, products, events, and much more. Such abundance, in fact, that we are not dependent on any single entity anymore in almost every aspect of life. If we want to buy bread, we can choose among at least 5 different brands, all with different production methods, facilities and ethics.1 When we want to open a bank account, we have at least 7 or 8 choices. So let’s not waste these chances and let’s be conscious while giving our money away, because every time we open our wallet, we are voting for the brand we give our money to.

If we choose to vote for the local farmer, he will grow just like a politician would. If we vote for the multinational corporation, they too will grow. The magnitude of a company is only determined by how many people vote for them, nothing less, nothing more. So, in the same way we vote for the politicians we like and agree with, why don’t we use the same criteria while doing shopping? Company X cut free water to a poor village in order to bottle it up and sell it in that very same village? You don’t get my vote.2 Company Y chose to donate to and support a cause I support too? You get my vote.

By doing this, we are nudging the world in the direction we want it to. Slowly, of course, but steadily. First, never underestimate the power of the crowd: just like in politics, if nobody votes for someone anymore, they will disappear entirely. If everyone voted for someone, similarly, they will end up dominating. You’re part of a current: make it matter. Second, don’t underestimate your own power to affect the economy. If you gain 2000€ every month, that means you have 2000 votes to give. If we were to add up every single month in your life, and maybe the lives of a couple of people you brought with you in your journey, that would end up being a lot of votes.

So, just in the same way your votes elect your mayor, and this mayor affects your city, your money elects which companies will affect your world. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your voice heard.

  1. It is true that there are actually way less brands than we think. That deserves its own blog post. Still, we always have the nice option to buy local. 


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